Emmaus Anglican Church



Rijke Rombeek

Rijke Rombeek serves in Japan, the largest unreached people group in the world. Rijke has assisted in many practical ways after the Earthquake and Tsunami, she has studied Japanese, worked with a Japanese Gospel choir, supports homeless ministries, and assists in a food blank.


Hank Pott

Hank and Cathy Pott serve with One Challenge International, working with the overlooked and underserved in Colorado, and overseas (mainly in Europe and Africa) for three months annually offering seminars and workshops on King David and Leadership Principles, and King Solomon and Relationship Principles.


Pierre LeBel

Pierre LeBel is the director of YWAM Montreal where the focus is incarnational ministry within the secular, urban and post-christendom culture of Québec.
This includes working within the arts and university communities, with a focus on social engagement. YWAM Montreal runs an 8-month Urban Cultures DTS.


Pam Gebauer

Pam Gebauer serves with Christian Direction in Neighbourhood Outreach and Church Network in the borough of Saint-Laurent. She is also involved in outreach to spiritual seekers at the Psychic Expo; Demographic Analysis for Churches; and Urban Training Ministry Resources for the Francophonie. Her vision is to see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians.


Carole Tapin

Carole Tapin serves with Christian Direction as the Director of Human Resources, Translater and reviser for French communications and websites, Psychic Expo Outreach co-ordinator and Leadership Team member.


Ruben Nicholas

Ruben Nicholas is the General Secretary for the Groupes Bibliques Collégiaux et Universitaires du Canada. (GBUC). His role is to develop a clear vision for ministry on each campus in Quebec and the rest of French speaking Canada, while also coordinating the ministry of different groups and regions. Ruben also recruits, trains and supervises the staff team.