Refugee Sponsorship Committee

On January 31st, Emmaus Anglican Church voted to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. Currently, the Refugee Sponsorship Team is fundraising and processing documents with the Quebec and Canadian governments to sponsor a Syrian family of six people who are currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. The Refugee Sponsorship Team is working with Oasis, a Christian outreach ministry, which works with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, to successfully sponsor this family.

In conformity with the Quebec and Canadian governments recommendations, Emmaus needs to raise at least $50 000. This money will cover one year’s worth of living expenses, including rent, food, clothing, transportation, utilities, medical needs, etc. Any money raised beyond the basic needs of the family of six will be used to benefit other Syrian refugee-related initiatives.

Oasis Project

To learn more about the Oasis Project watch Trapped in Transition:

How Can I Help?

Emmaus Anglican Church is currently accepting donations to support this Syrian family. Donations in the amount of $25 or more, made to Emmaus Anglican Church, are eligible to receive Official Receipts for Income Tax Purposes. There are no office or administrative overhead costs when you donate to Emmaus Anglican Church to sponsor this family. All of your donation will be used to support the family. Thank you!

By Cheque:

If you are writing a cheque, please write it to Emmaus Anglican Church with mention of “Refugee Sponsorship” on the memo line. Cheques can be mailed to the following address:

Emmaus Anglican Church 982 Manning Street Verdun, QC, H4H 1Z8

By Canada Helps (Online):

If you would prefer to donate money online through a credit card, Paypal account, or debit card, you can visit our Canada Helps page by clicking on the link below:


To ensure that your money is donated to the “Syrian Refugee Sponsorship” fund, please click on the down arrow to the right of “La Porte Ouverte/The Open Door”. The third box down is “Syrian Refugee Sponsorship / Parrainage de refugies syriens”