Refugee Sponsorship Committee

On January 31st, 2016 Emmaus Anglican Church voted to sponsor a Syrian refugee family of six people who are currently living in circumstances of great deprivation and insecurity in Beirut, Lebanon. They are being helped by “Oasis”, the Lebanese Christian organization through which we were connected with the family we will be sponsoring.

The Refugee Sponsorship Team is greatful to God for enabling us to raise the basic $50,000 required to bring the family to Canada and to fully support them financially (air fares, rent, food, clothing, transportation, utilities, medical needs, etc.) for a period of one year. Many people, from both within and beyond Emmaus, contributed generously of their time, finances and prayers to enable this substantial amount to be raised, and we are most grateful for each one who has supported this endeavour. Additionaly, all of the required paperwork has been submitted to Federal and Provincial goverments.


What are the Current Needs?

As we now await the family’s arrival, our current need is to gather all the items necessary to furnish and supply the apartment we will rent for the familywhen they arrive. To this end, the CARE Team, under the Refugee Sponsorship Team, has devised a Master List of all the needed items for the apartment.

There are two issues of note: one is that we have no idea when the family will arrive, and we may only be notified as to that date two weeks or less before their arrival; the other is that we have only very limited storage capacity, so we are asking those willing to donate items on the Master List, to keep those items until the family has arrived and we can find and start furnishing their apartment. Thank you for your understanding in such a complex situation!


How Can I Help?

If you have items you would be willing to give to the family’s apartment, here are the steps:

  1. Click on this link to open the Master List

  2. Look carefully through the Master List to see if the items you would like to donate are still needed, since we have already received many of the necessary items. The boxes for the items already promised are colored in yellow. Unfortunately we cannot accept duplicates, nor items that are not on the Master List. Please note that all the items under “Kitchen” have already been donated.

  3. If you have an item to give, it is on the Master List, and the box is white, or if you have a question, please click on this Contact link with your email
    co-ordinates, and we will get back to you.

Thank you so much.


Another way to Help

Emmaus Anglican Church is still accepting donations to support this Syrian family. While the money we have raised should cover all the basics, it would be helpful to have a financial ‘cushion’ to cover unexpected expenses (e.g. medical) and also provide outings and entertainment for 6 people! Donations in the amount of $25 or more, made to Emmaus Anglican Church, are eligible to receive Official Receipts for Income Tax Purposes. There are no office or administrative overhead costs when you donate to Emmaus Anglican Church to sponsor this family. All of your donation will be used to support the family. Thank you!

By Cheque:

If you are writing a cheque, please write it to Emmaus Anglican Church with mention of “Refugee Sponsorship” on the memo line. Cheques can be mailed to the following address:

Emmaus Anglican Church PO Box 23070 CP Vendome, Montreal, QC H4A 3V4

By Canada Helps (Online):

If you would prefer to donate money online through a credit card, Paypal account, or debit card, you can visit our Canada Helps page by clicking on the link below:


To ensure that your money is donated to the “Syrian Refugee Sponsorship” fund, please click on the down arrow to the right of “La Porte Ouverte/The Open Door”. The third box down is “Syrian Refugee Sponsorship / Parrainage de refugies syriens”